December 8, 2007

To Get One Good Photo!

This weekend I decided that we had to take a picture of the 4 of us to send with our Christmas cards this year. 

So we found everybody semi-matching shirts and the fiasco began... Aidan was all into it right up until the time came to start posing. 

Then suddenly he NEEDED Baby and Puppy , then he NEEDED his cup (which he promptly spilled chocolate milk from). By the time came for him to smile, he was in tears and mad as a wet hen - as was I by the end. 

When Aidan was able to be calmed, Asher had had enough and started in. The first few pictures are ones that Daddy snapped of me trying to get everything ready for him to set the timer and get into position. 

Eventually Aidan decided to cooperate as long as Baby and Puppy could be in the pictures. We did get a few good poses but they were blurry. I edited them like crazy to show here but we've officially lost our minds and are going to attempt to get better ones tomorrow.