August 30, 2007

Why In A Bottle?

Just a day or two ago, Aidan came out from the bathroom or his room (I wasn't sure) with his undies a little bunched up as they sometimes are when he pulls them up himself. 

I asked him if he just went potty b/c I didn't hear the toilet flush. 

He casually says "No, I didn't" and that was that. 

A couple of hours later Mr went into Aidan's room to clean it up for bedtime and comes out holding a sports bottle we had given him from the hospital. It's got about an inch of fluid in the bottom of it and he says, "Aidan, did you pee in this bottle?" 

Aidan says, "yes, I did". 

And why not pee in a bottle, I mean, at least it wasn't on the floor.

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