August 21, 2007

Tattle Tale

This weekend we cleaned out the garage. Aidan "helped" and much to his delight, found a huge water gun that Daddy still had from his bachelor days. 

The next day they went outside in the backyard to play with it. Aidan was simply thrilled with the thought of a water gun. I stayed inside and was doing some vacuuming when I hear Aidan's distinct "tattletale voice". I turn around to see him standing behind me soaking wet and quite obviously not happy about it. 

He says to me, "Mama, Daddy sprayed me with that gun and now I'm all wet!" As I'm getting Aidan's side of the story, I hear the back door open and then, "Oh boy, don't you go tattling after what you did!". 

When he appears around the corner, I see that he is equally as wet and equally as unhappy about being so. 

It struck me as hysterically funny and my only response was, "Oh, Aidan, you already have a brother, don't you?". 

If you can believe Daddy's version of the story, Aidan kept spraying him after being told not to repeatedly. After a few shots, he took the gun and sprayed Aidan. Aidan apparently didn't like the tables being turned so he went to tell Mama. 

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Anonymous said...

Funny story, but I can't concentrate on it because of the complete and utter cuteness of that first photo. Frame worthy, I tell ya!