July 5, 2007

You Asked, I Answered

What? I have to limit my answer to only 8 strange facts or habits about me? Ha! AJ's right, I'm OCD as heck! Anyone who knows me at all will probably be able to come up with several more examples off the top of their head but this is what I came up with quickly. Here goes...

1. I have a terrible potty mouth. When not in the company of children, I pretty much punctuate with the F bomb. I don't know why, I hate to hear other people talk like that, I know it sounds awful... I just can't help myself.

2. I'm obsessed with the mail. I wait all day for the mail. I just have a need to see what we've got in there! Our mail usually doesn't come until late late afternoon - sometimes after 5pm and this distresses me greatly.

3. I am addicted to cheese. My favorite snack (and it has nothing to do with pregnancy as I've done it since childhood) is melted cheese. I will fill a bowl up with whatever cheese is in the house, melt it in the microwave, sit down in pure cheese bliss, and eat it up!

4. I love to smoke. Yes, cigarettes. I say I'm a non-smoker but when I was in college, I smoked alot! And when I'm not pregnant and I'm with my sister or a friend who smokes, I'll smoke. I hate the way it smells later, I hate to smell it on other people, I know it's gross and dangerous and blah blah blah but I honestly love it!

5. Chapstick and flossers...I am not kidding, I have chapstick and pocket flossers stashed away everywhere! There's a stash in the kitchen junk drawer as well as in key bowl right above the kitchen junk drawer, in my bedside table, in the top drawer in our bathroom, in the top drawer in the guest bathroom, in my computer desk, in my purse, in the console of my car, and yes, I even have some in my husband's truck - much to his annoyance.

6. I cut the top off the bag of chips rather than dig my hand in deep and get greasy or messy. My step-mother thinks this is the oddest thing!

7. I am terrified of balloons - the rubber ones. I cannot stand the thought that they could pop at any time. It's the unexpected loud noise that could startle me at any moment. I don't like fireworks either for the same reason.

8. Lists! Man, I love lists! I make lists for everything and keep them in my purse. The only thing better than the lists is marking stuff off of them. I'll even write down stuff I already did just so I can mark it off the list. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I totally love you, you crazy/quirky girl! :)

The cheese and the mail are pretty funny, but the fact that you add already completed things to your lists made me laugh out loud!

I'm with you on cutting the bag of chips though. Nothing worse than having to stick your arm all the way down.

Great job on your 1st tag!