July 1, 2007

Because I could...

A few weeks ago, Aidan's cousins were at our house visiting. Several times Jayden would come out of Aidan's room crying and holding his head or arm or something. 

I'd ask, "Jayden, what happened?" and he'd cry and say or point to Aidan. 

I'd then ask Aidan, "Aidan, why is Jayden crying? Did you hit him?" 

And he'd say, "yes, I did", as if I had asked him if he liked his ice cream. 

Well, one time during lunch when Daddy was home, Jayden comes running out of Aidan's room crying and holding his head. He points to Aidan and so Daddy asked Aidan, "Aidan, what happened?" 

Aidan very matter of factly says, "I hit Jayden in the head with my broom in my bedroom!" 

We kind of looked at eachother a little nervously ,"Why did you do that?" 

Aidan responds with this little gem... "Mmmmmm, because I could."

I used to supervise felons, now I think I might be raising one.
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