June 15, 2007

Aidan's Anatomy!

Aidan's had a slight 'p*n*s obsession' for a while now. A few months ago he came out of his room sans pants and very plainly said "Mama, I love my p*n*s". I just snickered and said "yes son, most boys do, go put some undies on". It was a funny little story and I spread the word to garner some laughs. Since then, however, he has mentioned his p*n*s at some not so appropriate places. Such as the day we were in line at the deli in Wal-Mart. He was pulling himself forward in the cart and I guess he felt it b/c he yelled "Ouch! My p*n*s is broken!" When I told him that his p*n*s was not broken, he yelled "Yes Mama, you broke my p*n*s!" I imagine my face was crimson at this point. There have been several other little instances concerning his p*n*s and it's made me wish I'd taught him to call it George or something but noooooo, I wanted to teach him the correct word for it. Not sure I'll make the same decision with the next one :) ~A

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