June 15, 2007

Aidan's Anatomy!

Aidan's had a slight 'p*n*s obsession' for a while now. A few months ago he came out of his room sans pants and very plainly said "Mama, I love my p*n*s". I just snickered and said "yes son, most boys do, go put some undies on". It was a funny little story and I spread the word to garner some laughs. Since then, however, he has mentioned his p*n*s at some not so appropriate places. Such as the day we were in line at the deli in Wal-Mart. He was pulling himself forward in the cart and I guess he felt it b/c he yelled "Ouch! My p*n*s is broken!" When I told him that his p*n*s was not broken, he yelled "Yes Mama, you broke my p*n*s!" I imagine my face was crimson at this point. There have been several other little instances concerning his p*n*s and it's made me wish I'd taught him to call it George or something but noooooo, I wanted to teach him the correct word for it. Not sure I'll make the same decision with the next one :) ~A

Aidan's Lesson

One morning, Aidan is yelling under his bedroom door "Mama, I need you!, Mama, I need you, open the door!" So I go in there wondering what he could possibly need at 6:30am. I open the door, he's completely nekkid - it's really not that unusual - and he says he's gotta go poop. This part is unusual, going poop in the potty is the current household struggle. He'll hold it all day long until he gets a diaper on for bedtime and then he'll go. He says it's 'his'! So this is kind of a big deal. The catch is he's gotta do it in my bathroom. Okay, fine, however this has to go down. He runs in there, makes me shut the door to the toilet room AND shut the main door to the bathroom and go away while he goes. Well, he does the deed, we make a big to do over him being a big boy and all, Mama does the silly dance, and so on and so on. Here's the really good part...a little while later, he comes out of his room with puppy, his potty chair, a tampon, and a pad and announces that he's going to potty train his puppy. He goes outside on the deck and sets it all up and starts the lesson. I'm not really sure how the tampon or pad aided in the training but whatever... I'm telling you, built in entertainment!