December 8, 2007

To Get One Good Photo!

This weekend I decided that we had to take a picture of the 4 of us to send with our Christmas cards this year. 

So we found everybody semi-matching shirts and the fiasco began... Aidan was all into it right up until the time came to start posing. 

Then suddenly he NEEDED Baby and Puppy , then he NEEDED his cup (which he promptly spilled chocolate milk from). By the time came for him to smile, he was in tears and mad as a wet hen - as was I by the end. 

When Aidan was able to be calmed, Asher had had enough and started in. The first few pictures are ones that Daddy snapped of me trying to get everything ready for him to set the timer and get into position. 

Eventually Aidan decided to cooperate as long as Baby and Puppy could be in the pictures. We did get a few good poses but they were blurry. I edited them like crazy to show here but we've officially lost our minds and are going to attempt to get better ones tomorrow.

November 5, 2007

Miscellaneous Fun

How's this for a random act of Aidan - This weekend, he pulled 4 bushes out of our landscaping in the back yard and threw them in the back corner. When we asked him about it he simply replied that they were dead and needed to be pulled out. I've got no pictures to show this latest stunt as there is nothing left to take a picture of! Maybe he's gonna be a gardener when he grows up...

October 14, 2007


Saturday morning I had a headache so I asked Aidan to go tell his Daddy that Mama needed some Advil. He stopped and repeated, "a-few?" I said, "yeah, that's close enough." About a minute later Aidan came back empty handed with Daddy right behind him, looking a bit angry.

"What did you tell him to say to me?!?!"

"I need some Advil, what's the problem?"

Apparently he heard Aidan say, "Mama said for you to give her a-few." If you actually say "a-few", you'll hear that it could sound like "F-you" and that's what he thought he heard Aidan say. I think I almost got the poor little guy in trouble - and he didn't even do anything this time! ~A

August 30, 2007

Why In A Bottle?

Just a day or two ago, Aidan came out from the bathroom or his room (I wasn't sure) with his undies a little bunched up as they sometimes are when he pulls them up himself. 

I asked him if he just went potty b/c I didn't hear the toilet flush. 

He casually says "No, I didn't" and that was that. 

A couple of hours later Mr went into Aidan's room to clean it up for bedtime and comes out holding a sports bottle we had given him from the hospital. It's got about an inch of fluid in the bottom of it and he says, "Aidan, did you pee in this bottle?" 

Aidan says, "yes, I did". 

And why not pee in a bottle, I mean, at least it wasn't on the floor.

Not Too Big!

A couple of days ago, Aidan ran up to the couch to hug me. I pulled him up on my lap to hug him more and he pulls back, looks down, pulls me close again for a hug and says "Mama, you're not too big anymore!" Awwww, what a sweet boy! ~A

August 21, 2007

Tattle Tale

This weekend we cleaned out the garage. Aidan "helped" and much to his delight, found a huge water gun that Daddy still had from his bachelor days. 

The next day they went outside in the backyard to play with it. Aidan was simply thrilled with the thought of a water gun. I stayed inside and was doing some vacuuming when I hear Aidan's distinct "tattletale voice". I turn around to see him standing behind me soaking wet and quite obviously not happy about it. 

He says to me, "Mama, Daddy sprayed me with that gun and now I'm all wet!" As I'm getting Aidan's side of the story, I hear the back door open and then, "Oh boy, don't you go tattling after what you did!". 

When he appears around the corner, I see that he is equally as wet and equally as unhappy about being so. 

It struck me as hysterically funny and my only response was, "Oh, Aidan, you already have a brother, don't you?". 

If you can believe Daddy's version of the story, Aidan kept spraying him after being told not to repeatedly. After a few shots, he took the gun and sprayed Aidan. Aidan apparently didn't like the tables being turned so he went to tell Mama. 

August 5, 2007

Saturday Morning

On Saturday morning, Aidan starts yelling for me to come let him out of his room at 7:15am. Yes, he's locked in there, so sue me - it's for his own good! I let him hollar off and on until about 7:50 and then I relented and came in there. I open the door, on his floor are all of his stuffed animals lined up in neat little rows, and he's singing to them. He stops singing, looks up at me sternly, and says in a pretty agitated tone, "I woked up dis morning, Mama. I got up. I got up a LONG time ago, Mama!" Well, pardon me for taking until almost 8am to jump to attention, Aidan! ~A

August 3, 2007

"I Won't"

On the way home from swimming last week, I was laying out the rest of the day to Aidan. "...we're gonna go home, take baths, eat lunch, take our nap, and then go shopping..." He quickly interrupts me to say, "Uh, no, Mama, I can't take a nap, I won't take a nap until baby Asher is here, I just won't!" Could be a LONG 3wks for the rest of us :) ~A

July 24, 2007

On the phone

Last night Aidan had his Daddy held hostage in our bedroom watching cartoons as he does most evenings. He had his play cell phone in there with him and they were taking turns on the phone "talking" to whoever they imagine is calling. So Aidan picks up the phone and the conversation goes like this...

"Heddo?!?! Oh, just watchin' Tom and Jerry and being a brat."

Ya think he hears his behavior described like that occasionally?

July 12, 2007

So far today...

Today is Aidan's 3rd birthday! He's already had a celebration of sorts...when he got up he caught sight of a cupcake that I had sitting on my computer desk and insisted that he "needed" it for his birthday. Well, the kid's right, it's his birthday and I'm a sucker for that face he makes so yes, at 8am, I let my 3yr old eat a cupcake. So I'm checking emails and he's eating his cupcake quietly on the chair when I hear him squeal in delight "ooohhhh! I made a mess of my penis for my birthday!" Uh hu, he smeared cupcake and frosting all over his nether regions :) He's so wired up about his birthday party this evening, today should be an interesting day for us. ~A

July 5, 2007

You Asked, I Answered

What? I have to limit my answer to only 8 strange facts or habits about me? Ha! AJ's right, I'm OCD as heck! Anyone who knows me at all will probably be able to come up with several more examples off the top of their head but this is what I came up with quickly. Here goes...

1. I have a terrible potty mouth. When not in the company of children, I pretty much punctuate with the F bomb. I don't know why, I hate to hear other people talk like that, I know it sounds awful... I just can't help myself.

2. I'm obsessed with the mail. I wait all day for the mail. I just have a need to see what we've got in there! Our mail usually doesn't come until late late afternoon - sometimes after 5pm and this distresses me greatly.

3. I am addicted to cheese. My favorite snack (and it has nothing to do with pregnancy as I've done it since childhood) is melted cheese. I will fill a bowl up with whatever cheese is in the house, melt it in the microwave, sit down in pure cheese bliss, and eat it up!

4. I love to smoke. Yes, cigarettes. I say I'm a non-smoker but when I was in college, I smoked alot! And when I'm not pregnant and I'm with my sister or a friend who smokes, I'll smoke. I hate the way it smells later, I hate to smell it on other people, I know it's gross and dangerous and blah blah blah but I honestly love it!

5. Chapstick and flossers...I am not kidding, I have chapstick and pocket flossers stashed away everywhere! There's a stash in the kitchen junk drawer as well as in key bowl right above the kitchen junk drawer, in my bedside table, in the top drawer in our bathroom, in the top drawer in the guest bathroom, in my computer desk, in my purse, in the console of my car, and yes, I even have some in my husband's truck - much to his annoyance.

6. I cut the top off the bag of chips rather than dig my hand in deep and get greasy or messy. My step-mother thinks this is the oddest thing!

7. I am terrified of balloons - the rubber ones. I cannot stand the thought that they could pop at any time. It's the unexpected loud noise that could startle me at any moment. I don't like fireworks either for the same reason.

8. Lists! Man, I love lists! I make lists for everything and keep them in my purse. The only thing better than the lists is marking stuff off of them. I'll even write down stuff I already did just so I can mark it off the list. 

July 1, 2007

Because I could...

A few weeks ago, Aidan's cousins were at our house visiting. Several times Jayden would come out of Aidan's room crying and holding his head or arm or something. 

I'd ask, "Jayden, what happened?" and he'd cry and say or point to Aidan. 

I'd then ask Aidan, "Aidan, why is Jayden crying? Did you hit him?" 

And he'd say, "yes, I did", as if I had asked him if he liked his ice cream. 

Well, one time during lunch when Daddy was home, Jayden comes running out of Aidan's room crying and holding his head. He points to Aidan and so Daddy asked Aidan, "Aidan, what happened?" 

Aidan very matter of factly says, "I hit Jayden in the head with my broom in my bedroom!" 

We kind of looked at eachother a little nervously ,"Why did you do that?" 

Aidan responds with this little gem... "Mmmmmm, because I could."

I used to supervise felons, now I think I might be raising one.

June 15, 2007

Aidan's Anatomy!

Aidan's had a slight 'p*n*s obsession' for a while now. A few months ago he came out of his room sans pants and very plainly said "Mama, I love my p*n*s". I just snickered and said "yes son, most boys do, go put some undies on". It was a funny little story and I spread the word to garner some laughs. Since then, however, he has mentioned his p*n*s at some not so appropriate places. Such as the day we were in line at the deli in Wal-Mart. He was pulling himself forward in the cart and I guess he felt it b/c he yelled "Ouch! My p*n*s is broken!" When I told him that his p*n*s was not broken, he yelled "Yes Mama, you broke my p*n*s!" I imagine my face was crimson at this point. There have been several other little instances concerning his p*n*s and it's made me wish I'd taught him to call it George or something but noooooo, I wanted to teach him the correct word for it. Not sure I'll make the same decision with the next one :) ~A

Aidan's Lesson

One morning, Aidan is yelling under his bedroom door "Mama, I need you!, Mama, I need you, open the door!" So I go in there wondering what he could possibly need at 6:30am. I open the door, he's completely nekkid - it's really not that unusual - and he says he's gotta go poop. This part is unusual, going poop in the potty is the current household struggle. He'll hold it all day long until he gets a diaper on for bedtime and then he'll go. He says it's 'his'! So this is kind of a big deal. The catch is he's gotta do it in my bathroom. Okay, fine, however this has to go down. He runs in there, makes me shut the door to the toilet room AND shut the main door to the bathroom and go away while he goes. Well, he does the deed, we make a big to do over him being a big boy and all, Mama does the silly dance, and so on and so on. Here's the really good part...a little while later, he comes out of his room with puppy, his potty chair, a tampon, and a pad and announces that he's going to potty train his puppy. He goes outside on the deck and sets it all up and starts the lesson. I'm not really sure how the tampon or pad aided in the training but whatever... I'm telling you, built in entertainment!