August 1, 2006

About Me

I'm working on becoming the perfect mixture of June Cleaver and Betty Crocker... except that I can't cook... and I don't do laundry... actually I'm a terrible housewife. Okay, maybe I'm more likely a mix of Peg Bundy and Roseanne. Yeah, that's more like it. (Brave New Blog revision) Only now I'm a working version of the modern housewife. I went from law enforcement in my pre-kid days to elementary librarian. When you get control of your laughter again, try this one on for size - I was a Kindergarten Para for an entire school year. And everyone survived. I think I'm growing as a person...

I'm definitely the sarcastic, quirky one in my group of friends. Our household is crazy! We might not be perfect, my kids might not be perfect (duh!), our lives might not be perfect, but we make it work out just fine.

(Brave New Blog revision)
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